Afik Rechler   -   August 25th, 2021

9 Deadly Link Building Mistakes SaaS Companies Must Avoid

The more backlinks your site has, the higher it ranks, right? Not really. Backlinks and content are the two most crucial SEO ranking factors. But not all links are equal. In fact, if you make too many link-building mistakes, your site might get penalized by Google algorithms and never recover from it (unless you seek […]

Afik Rechler   -   August 3rd, 2021

How to Remove Negative Google Search Results In 7 Actionable Steps

“How can I remove negative Google search results when people google my name?”, we get this question from worried clients all the time. Imagine searching for your brand name on Google and seeing first page results with titles like “Is [Your brand] a scam?” “[Your brand] has the worst customer service.” “[Your brand] is not […]

Afik Rechler   -   February 8th, 2021

The Complete Guide To Online Reputation Management For SaaS (2021)

You’ll have a hard time finding customers for your SaaS product if you have a negative, or even mixed, online reputation. It doesn’t matter if your negative reputation is a true reflection of your product’s performance or a result of a smear campaign. It will have dire consequences for your business. And this is why […]