COVID-19 Marketing & PR Offering

Is your business trying to make things better amid the COVID-19 pandemic?

We want to help.

Whether you’re developing next-gen medical technology or finding the next best way to help businesses remain operational during lockdown – we are standing by to support you with our marketing know-how and pool of connections.

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Who Is This Right For?


* Consumer products with a unique selling point that’s in need right now, more than ever


* B2B productivity & communication tools which are ensuring business continuity and uptime for teams working remotely


* Medtech startups and unique medical development teams who are facing the COVID-19 threat head-on

The team at InboundJunction reacted immediately and adjusted the strategy to match our current needs. They helped us spread the message across international media and reach thousands of relevant readers. Their commitment is invaluable, especially in these uncertain times.

The recent epidemic outbreak forced many organizations and schools to shift their activities to the virtual world. ClickMeeting provides a platform for online meetings and webinars. We stepped in to help both new and current clients communicate easily. To support governmental, medical, and teaching entities we decided to offer them free access to our tool.”

Magdalena Klimko, PR & Communication Specialist at ClickMeeting



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Marketing amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

The WHO-recognized pandemic, COVID-19, is beginning to change the face of society as we know it. 


The live dynamic at play requires businesses to adapt to a new reality; However, at the same, time startups and companies who were built on ‘humanity-first’ principles still require media attention in order to get the funding they need, create product demand, and generate support in order to properly launch.


COVID-19-related PR and Marketing Services

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    Public Relations

    Our dedicated team of PR professionals will assist you in crafting a precise and targeted message around your product as we work together with you to find favor in the eyes of media curators and consumers. We work on the daily with leaders from top tier tech, business, health and various other publications.

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    Brand Strategy

    Our team is comprised of online marketing professionals, brand messaging experts and blockchain enthusiasts. Using that combination, we can devise a strong marketing strategy that will position you in the right spot from which you can make an impact using your product, in the post-COVID-19 world.

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    Social Outreach

    We will devise a social marketing campaign, during which we will drive discussion around your product on Reddit, spark a discussion around it and get it to trend and resonate with the appropriate audiences.

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    Search Engine Optimization

    Using our network of editorial connections, we can create high-performing linkbuilding campaigns meant to help you rank your COVID-19 related product higher on Google and to ensure constant, organic demand via searchability and prominence on Google.

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