Get PR Coverage for Your Business

Leverage our knack for storytelling and extensive network of contacts with our public relations services

Every morning, you sit down at your computer and catch up on the latest tech and startup news. And as you read about these companies and entrepreneurs just like you landing press in sites like Forbes and Entrepreneur, you can’t help but think…

“What makes them so interesting to the press anyway?”

Landing your dream press mentions requires knowing how to spin a good story and getting it into the hands of influential writers and editors.

But what founder has time to figure that out and spend time building relationships with the right people, on top of running their company?

That’s where we come in.

As a PR agency specializing in startup clients, we already have relationships with the people your company needs to know. Not only that, but we know the kind of stories and topic they’re interested in.

What We Offer

1. Position your executive team as industry leaders with thought leadership content

2. Build authority and brand awareness through fully-managed influencer collaborations

3. Gain trust with your target audience with press mentions in their favorite publications

How the Process Works:

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    Content Strategy and Ideation

    Our team will develop a comprehensive content messaging strategy, content marketing funnel for your brand.

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    Content Distribution & Outreach

    We’ll compile a list of potential media outlets and target publications to feature your brand. We’ll start connecting and pitching with blogs, journalists and influencers as well as leveraging our existing network.

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    Media Coverage

    Our outreach and pitching campaign will result in robust media coverage on niche blogs, top tier magazines and influencers.