Who we are

The InboundJunction founding team comes from the very early days of internet marketing. We first entered the world of internet marketing in 2006, focusing on content marketing, SEO and affiliate marketing. Now, we apply that knowledge and expertise in our clients campaigns.

Our team is extremely versatile, with individuals who are ex-journalists, editors, content strategists, PPC wizards and CMOs of famous startups.

We work on a performance model and focus only on driving results.

What made us successful, is the fact businesses don’t have a risk when they work with us. We don’t deliver – we don’t get paid!


Quick Facts About Inbound Junctions

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Meet The Team

Our team of tech-savvy marketers, PR pros and growth hackers works non-stop to keep clients a head of the game. With a
diverse range of backgrounds and unique sets of skills, our team is dedicated to grow your online business.

  • Nadav Dakner
    Nadav Dakner


  • Ofir Englin
    Ofir Englin


  • Elad Mor
    Elad Mor


  • Itai Elizur
    Itai Elizur


  • Orian Tal
    Orian Tal

    VP of Operations

  • Ben Jacobson
    Ben Jacobson

    Senior Content Strategist

  • Afik Rechler
    Afik Rechler

    Business Development Manager

  • Lucia Castello
    Lucia Castello

    Spanish Relationship Manager

  • Liv Taube
    Liv Taube

    International SEO Manager

  • Ryfka Shaked
    Ryfka Shaked

    Content Strategist

  • Kim Bazak
    Kim Bazak

    PR account manager

  • Guy Gourevitz
    Guy Gourevitz

    Product Marketing Manager

  • Barry Ben-Asher
    Barry Ben-Asher

    Blockchain Campaign Manager

  • Adi Ili
    Adi Ili

    Business Development Manager

  • Alex Maximo
    Alex Maximo

    Content Strategist

  • Erik Emanuelli
    Erik Emanuelli

    Social Media Expert

  • Mor Vaknin
    Mor Vaknin

    Office Manager

  • J Angelo Racoma
    J Angelo Racoma

    Content Manager

  • Chasy

    Primary Office Dog

  • Misha

    Secondary Office Dog