In the Media

The vast majority of our team’s efforts go towards drumming up publicity for our clients. However, the media does occasionally take notice of InboundJunction as a company and the value of our expertise. Below are some recent examples.

  • Marketing School is a daily Podcast run by Eric Siu and Neil Patel. Marketing School covers various digital marketing activities and techniques and how to implement them.   In this podcast, Neil and Eric have a conversation about reputation management (ORM) in terms of what it is, best practices   At the 2:06 minute mark, Neil talks about his relationship with us, and how we’ve collaborated with him.

  • We hosted a panel on connecting Sales and Marketing teams in the 2017 Pipeline Summit.   In this panel, our COO Itai Elizur is hosting a three way panel discussion between Kristen Habacht VP of Sales Trello, Jane Van Sickle VP of Sales Unbounce and Sujan Patel, a serial entrepreneur and one of the biggest digital marketing gurus today.   Itai and the rest of the panel participants share their personal experience, highlight case studies and expand on the different ways marketing and sales teams can work together effectively.

  • Neil Patel discusses motivation, what drives him to success and how he is able to beat his competitors.   In particular, he discusses digital marketing and creating a viable long term online marketing and promotion strategy for startups.   At the 0:35 minute mark Neil talks about the conversation he had with Nadav Dakner, our CEO about promotion strategies and overall marketing plan for CrazyEgg and his future plans.

  • Neil Patel talks about creating a sustainable long term businesses plan, and several approaches for monetization and what he does differently.   The subtext of this conversation is how the focus should be creating a perfect product with killer features that will have competitive pricing. Neil doesn’t even care about monetization at this point, but rather conquering the market.   At the 3:13 Neil talks about a conversation he had with Nadav, regarding using us to help with strategizing a marketing campaign as well as enroll a few promotions for Ubersuggest.

  • Neil Patel discusses the importance of guest posting on authority websites to enhance online exposure, trust building and expanding thought leadership.   At the 04:16 minute mark, Neil mentions our work and efforts in the field.

  • A Q&A with our CEO Nadav Dakner on Managing Brand’s Online Reputation.   Nadav talks about tools that help monitor brand presence, the importance and different kinds of customer reviews and how to deal with negative press.

  • InboundJunction and Microsoft-backed 365x Scale Up accelerator partner up.   IJ will provide mentoring sessions as well as online marketing services to the upcoming batch up startups.