We provide an end-to-end marketing and business development solution for startups and ICOs to facilitate growth and boost online presence.

In the blockchain niche, we are focused on catering to hundreds of blockchain projects to penetrate the market and make them stand out among the crowd. We have built a very strong and vast global network of connections with partners, VC’s, funds, clients and exchanges.

What are Crypto Exchanges?

Crypto exchanges are marketplaces for digital cryptocurrencies trading. These platform essentially serve as the middlemen between crypto traders who buy and sell their Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency.

Token and cryptocurrencies price is determined by the exchanges, as they set their value based on supply and demand, or the actions of the buyers and sellers that use their platform.

Currently, there are over 100 active exchanges and two main types of exchanges, decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges (DEX) and centralized exchanges. The difference between the two types is that in DEXs users retain control over their own funds and have lower trading fees, versus centralized exchanges which act as a bank of your funds, providing enhanced security, guarantees of money back in case of theft. DEXs require a more profound understanding of trading and handling your digital assets and often have lower liquidity and userbase. Centralized exchange have more active users and overall security.

Token listing on decentralized exchanges is done automatically and for very little to no fee in most cases, whereas listing on the centralized exchanges requires connections, liquidity assurance, manual project checking and a compensation.

List your Token in The Top Crypto Exchanges

We can assist with listing cryptocurrencies and tokens on various leading crypto exchanges. We have relationships with both Western and Asian exchanges and can facilitate token listing applications and due diligence for blockchain projects and ICOs.

ICOs or token developers can use our token listing service as a gateway to list tokens in the leading crypto exchanges to increase their popularity, liquidity, trading volume and market reach. Because the market is extremely saturated, most exchanges rely on partners like us to perform the initial due diligence and team vetting to help them screen weak projects.