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6 Best Online Reputation Management Tools For SaaS Companies [2023]

Alon Keren September 2nd, 2021

Updated on May 2nd, 2023

If you’re looking for the best online reputation management tools for your SaaS business, this article has several great picks for you.

Online reputation management (ORM) tools help you:

  • Track your online brand mentions
  • Monitor your audience’s sentiments
  • Create a positive brand image and counter negative content

You’d still need professional reputation management services for the more strategic tasks such as link building, influencer relationships, and content marketing.

But the best online reputation management software will make your job easier by giving you the necessary insights into how consumers feel about your brand.

Let’s explore the top ORM tools in more detail.

1. SentiOne

SentiOne is among the world’s leading social listening, audience insights, and sentiment analysis tools. It’s a complete online reputation management solution that allows you to:

  • Join online conversations
  • Manage brand reputation
  • Provide excellent customer care

You can use SentiOne to integrate your social media accounts and find conversations about your brand happening outside your official channels.

This allows you to understand the real sentiments of your prospects, respond to their queries immediately, and proactively build a strong brand reputation.

SentiOne also comes with an influencer research tool that allows you to evaluate social media influencers beyond their followers count. It assesses their actual influence by analyzing their audience engagement rates, strongest topics, and alignment with your brand.

SentiOne’s AI-powered social listening features allow you to extract relevant business insights from online conversations and help you make informed decisions to strengthen your brand image.

Overall, SentiOne is among the best online reputation management (ORM) tools ideal for brands proactively investing in their online reputation.

2. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a free tool that helps you monitor your brand’s reputation by setting up online alerts for your brand name, competitors, and various other keywords.

It searches for your keywords across trillions of pages in Google’s web index and notifies you of any matching results via email or RSS feed.

You can control the frequency of alerts to your email address by choosing real-time, daily, or weekly alerts. Additionally, you can choose the sources you want Google Alerts to monitor for your keywords. For example, you can limit your monitoring to blogs, news websites, videos, discussions, and other content types.

You can also set up alerts for specific countries and choose to be notified about the best results. You can use this feature to keep Google Alerts from spamming your mailbox every time a page mentions your keyword.

There’s no limit to the number of alerts you can set up in Google Alerts. That’s why it’s a great free tool for keeping an eye on your brand mentions and staying alert.

3. G2 Review Automation

G2 is among the world’s most popular software review sites, with hundreds of thousands of authentic online reviews for all kinds of SaaS products.

Millions of consumers visit G2 and other software review sites to evaluate different SaaS products before making a purchase decision.

I think it’s safe to say that any SaaS startup must make his G2 profile a top priority. If your listing doesn’t show a good star rating with a lot of reviews, it could be detrimental to your marketing funnel.

If you don’t even have a listing, that would probably leave a negative impression on potential customers that research your brand before purchasing.

How G2 Review Automation works:

  • G2 Review Automation helps you generate more positive online reviews from your audience. It leverages your email database, customer data, and NPS tools you’re already using.
  • You can set up automated reminders that incentivize your customers to leave positive reviews about your product on G2.
  • It uses an intelligent system that identifies your most satisfied customers using your database. Then, G2 prioritizes them for review outreach emails.

4. Reputology

We just talked about generating reviews. Now it’s time to talk about monitoring them.

Reputology provides you a single platform to monitor and manage online reviews across the web. It helps you find customer reviews from Facebook, Google, Yelp, niche-specific review sites. Moreover, it helps you find online discussion forums and offers you a consolidated dashboard view.

It also gives you the ability to quickly address and counter negative reviews before they damage your online reputation.

One of Ruptology’s most impressive features is its ability to extract actionable insights and trends from your customers’ online conversations.

It analyzes various reviews and discussions about your brand and organizes them into topical categories, making it easy for your team to address the core issues of your customers.

Reputology also allows you to monitor your team’s performance in managing and responding to various online reviews. In addition, it comes with an issue escalation system that allows your teams to involve the higher management in responding to customer reviews when needed.

5. is among the best SEO rank trackers that allow you to monitor your site’s performance in the SERPs for specific keywords.

You can set ranking alerts for specific regions and even postal codes to get the results you’re looking to track. This makes it an even more ideal solution for local startups and SaaS products designed for a specific region.

How does help in online reputation management?

It allows you to measure your content’s performance for your target keywords and gives you the necessary insights to find new ranking opportunities.

Plus, you can use it to monitor and remove bad search results about your brand or counter negative reputation attacks.

For example, say you spotted a negative reddit thread discussion about your brand, that comes up when googling the keyword “is [your business] worth the money?”. You can monitor that search result with and see if it’s climbing up or (hopefully) down the SERPs.

6. Sparktoro

Sparktoro is a multi-purpose audience intelligence tool designed by Rand Fishkin, the founder of Moz. It enables you to uncover the topics your audience truly cares about and the influencers who shape their buying decisions.

Using Spraktoro’s audience insights, you can identify the publications, social media users, and topics with the biggest influence on your audience. This allows you to plan your outreach campaigns and find content topics that resonate with your audience.

Similarly, Sparktoro allows you to analyze your audience compared to your competitors’ audience to find hidden trends and actionable insights.

All these insights help you craft better content strategies and design more effective PR and outreach campaigns by targeting the right platforms and influencers.

Are You Using The Best Online Reputation Management Tools?

I’ve featured some of my favorite online reputation management (ORM) tools in this article that help you shape your brand’s online reputation. Using these tools, you can counter negative propaganda by competitors and dissatisfied customers.

As I said earlier, ORM tools produce the best results when consulting a professional online reputation management company, for tasks such as link building, outreach, and networking. With the right tools and professional help, you can build a solid online reputation and build a dominant online brand.