Alon Keren   -   August 17th, 2021

SaaS Content Marketing: 7 Essential Steps [With Examples]

If you’re wondering how to chalk out a SaaS content marketing strategy to increase brand awareness, grow your site’s traffic, and generate more leads, this article has all the answers for you. I’ll give you a step-by-step content marketing framework to grow your brand’s influence and share successful SaaS content marketing examples we can learn […]

Nadav Dakner   -   July 20th, 2021

SaaS SEO Essentials (2021) | In-Depth 4-Step Traffic Generation Guide

SaaS SEO is an essential pillar of any SaaS marketing strategy. Did you know that 63% of SaaS marketers say that organic search engine traffic generates more leads than any other marketing channel? This is why successful SaaS companies like HubSpot, Shopify, and Drift invest millions of dollars in SEO every year. We’ve already published […]

Alon Keren   -   July 15th, 2021

B2B SaaS Marketing: 6 Actionable Steps For SaaS Companies [Data Backed]

Do you have a well-defined B2B SaaS marketing strategy for your business? Or you’re just trying a bunch of uncoordinated tactics hoping something works? B2B SaaS marketing is fundamentally different from other online business models like advertising, affiliate marketing, or even B2C products and services. You don’t earn through ad clicks or affiliate sales and […]

Nadav Dakner   -   July 6th, 2021

8 Proven Blog Management Tips For Startups And SaaS

Did you know that effective blog management increases lead generation by 67% and improves your chances of converting unsure buyers by 61%? But here’s the other side of the story. The majority of B2B and startup blogs never add any tangible business value and become unprofitable money-sucking platforms. The reason? Poor blog management. In this […]