Alon Keren   -   October 4th, 2021

5 SaaS Marketing Insights To Outgrow Your Competitors In 2021

The SaaS industry is growing exponentially and is expected to reach a global market value of $470 billion by 2025. But not every SaaS company will survive to experience these riches. In fact, research shows that 90% of new products and startups fail within the first three years. To stay ahead of the game and […]

Alon Keren   -   August 17th, 2021

SaaS Content Marketing: 7 Essential Steps [With Examples]

If you’re wondering how to chalk out a SaaS content marketing strategy to increase brand awareness, grow your site’s traffic, and generate more leads, this article has all the answers for you. I’ll give you a step-by-step content marketing framework to grow your brand’s influence and share successful SaaS content marketing examples we can learn […]

Alon Keren   -   July 15th, 2021

B2B SaaS Marketing: 6 Actionable Steps For SaaS Companies [Data Backed]

Do you have a well-defined B2B SaaS marketing strategy for your business? Or you’re just trying a bunch of uncoordinated tactics hoping something works? B2B SaaS marketing is fundamentally different from other online business models like advertising, affiliate marketing, or even B2C products and services. You don’t earn through ad clicks or affiliate sales and […]

Alon Keren   -   June 29th, 2021

3 Innovative Ways to Blend PPC Into Your Content Marketing Strategy

What tactics come to your mind when you think of creating a content marketing strategy for your brand? Creating great content, optimizing it for SEO, and maybe sharing it on social media, right? But what about Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing? Have you ever tried combining PPC with content marketing to see what happens? When […]