Orian Tal   -   July 6th, 2022

How To Create A Media Kit [+ Press Kit Examples & Free Template]

Have you ever noticed how some brands are regularly covered by the leading digital and mainstream media companies? Their founders are interviewed by influential publications, their brand story is frequently quoted, and their logos and hi-res product images are everywhere. All of this doesn’t happen by accident. Among other factors, having a well-designed media kit […]

Itai Elizur   -   March 1st, 2022

6 Thought Leadership Strategy Tips To Fuel Your Startup’s Growth [With Examples]

If you’re a startup marketer, you probably hear the word “thought leadership strategy” every day. But is it just another buzzword coined by SaaS marketers, or does it mean something? And more importantly, should you even worry about building a thought leadership strategy? In this article, I’m going to lay out what thought leadership actually […]

Itai Elizur   -   October 26th, 2021

Paid vs Owned vs Earned Media | Key Differences Plus Why They’re Crucial For Your Business

Startup marketing isn’t what it used to be a decade ago. The “If you build it, they’ll come” approach never worked even in those days, but today’s startups need to adopt a multi-dimensional marketing approach to stand a chance. This is where paid, owned, and earned media come in. As a startup marketer, you might […]

Orian Tal   -   September 22nd, 2021

How To Write A Pitch: 7 Tips For Pitching Your Startup To Journalists [Examples & Templates]

Learn how to write a pitch that stands out from the crowd and gets your startup featured in the top news and media publications (templates included).