Nadav Dakner   -   May 22nd, 2022

How To Use Google’s “People Also Search For” To Improve Your SEO

Most people think Google is a search engine. In reality, it’s an advertising company that uses its search features to attract users and generate sales for its advertisers.  Google’s foremost priority is to show the most accurate, relevant, and high-quality websites in its search results so that people keep using it as their preferred search […]

Nadav Dakner   -   December 30th, 2021

Hiring a B2B Content Marketing Agency – Everything You Need to Know

Did you know that it takes 6 to 8 touches to generate a viable B2B sales lead? You might be attracting traffic with PPC advertising. Still, without a well-researched content marketing strategy that educates your visitors and positions you as an authority, you won’t be able to convert them into leads and customers. But here’s […]

Nadav Dakner   -   November 9th, 2021

9 Essential Inbound Marketing Tools For Startup Marketers (2022)

Let me tell you a secret. No company has ever found sustained inbound marketing success without using the right tools. Today, more than ever, SaaS marketers need the right inbound marketing tools in order to: Gain audience insights Personalize their messaging Increase conversion rates Optimize their content for the right topics To help you do […]

Nadav Dakner   -   July 27th, 2021

What Is Digital PR, And How Do I Use It For SEO?

If you’re one of those who think SEO and PR can’t work together, this digital PR strategy guide is for you. Most brands invest in expensive PR campaigns without thinking about them from an SEO perspective. That’s a big mistake. With digital PR, you can get the best of both worlds by creating PR campaigns […]