Alon Keren   -   May 29th, 2022

Finding and Fixing Orphan Pages for SEO: The A-Z Guide

SEO isn’t rocket science. But it’s not a piece of cake either. Within the boundaries of on-page, off-page, and technical SEO, several critical yet often overlooked issues can significantly impact your site’s search ranking potential. Managing orphan pages is one such issue. Never heard of them before? No problem. In this article, we’ll discuss why […]

Nadav Dakner   -   May 22nd, 2022

How To Use Google’s “People Also Search For” To Improve Your SEO

Most people think Google is a search engine. In reality, it’s an advertising company that uses its search features to attract users and generate sales for its advertisers.  Google’s foremost priority is to show the most accurate, relevant, and high-quality websites in its search results so that people keep using it as their preferred search […]

Alon Keren   -   April 18th, 2022

How To Do An In-Depth Technical SEO Audit [Checklist, Tools & Examples]

Are you struggling to rank for your target keywords despite regularly publishing high-quality content and building strong and relevant backlinks? If yes, your website might have technical SEO problems. Never heard of this term before? No problem. In this article, I’ll tell you why technical SEO is crucial for your site’s rankings and how you […]

Alon Keren   -   April 4th, 2022

Do Nofollow Links Help SEO? Settling The Nofollow vs. Dofollow Debate

Everyone tells you that nofollow links are useless for SEO. They don’t boost your search rankings, so there’s no need to waste time and money on them. But that’s not the complete truth, as I’ll show you in this article. Plus, I’ll show you examples where nofollow links have helped brands make significant SEO gains […]