Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is all about protecting your brand, in the internet.

Think about it this way – you have a business. Let’s say that someone, either an unhappy customer among plenty of happy ones, or a competitor, decides to write and publish a negative article about your brand and it starts to rank in Google for your business’ brand name.

You’re in trouble.

Having potential customers see this negative article can easily drive them away, on the first sight.

How the Process Works:

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    Brand Monitoring

    We’ll help you track your brand mentions online and get notified via email. If someone talks about your business, you’ll know about it and we’ll act upon it.

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    Damage Assesement

    Someone publish a negative article about you. Does it rank at all? Is it ranking anywhere on the first 5 pages for your brand name?

    If it is, keep an eye open. If it’s climbing further to the top, consider escalating to the next stage, before it ends up ranking on your brand name’s first page and causing damage.

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    Take Action

    Google seeks to display relevant and fresh stories for a specific query. In other words, action-wise – create press about your business. Do you have any upcoming news to spread the word about?

    Are you active on your business’ social media channels?

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    Optimization and Support

    You did everything above and things still escalate in a bad way.

    Let us, Google oriented marketeers, leverage our expertise to:

    A. Assess the damage and understand your situation.
    B. Build a plan of action.
    C. Get to work.

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    Google De-index or Content Removal

    Our team are experts when it comes to legal violations and delisting results or articles from Google’s index.

    While this is not a cheap path, we are committed to try until we succeed.

    If we succeed, you pay, if we don’t, you don’t.