Alon Keren   -   September 26th, 2022

How to Score “As Seen On” Logos for Your Website

Have you seen those fancy “As Seen On” or “Featured In” logos agencies, consultants, and SaaS companies use on their sites? Look good, don’t they? Companies use them to borrow credibility from well-known and high-authority publications in their niche. And it works. When visitors see the logos of Entrepreneur, Fortune, Fast Company, Forbes, or any […]

Alon Keren   -   September 1st, 2022

Keyword Research For SEO: The Ultimate Guide [2023]

Did you know that 90.63% of indexed pages get zero traffic from Google Search? It’s not necessarily because their content is bad or low quality. But in most cases, it’s just not properly optimized for the right keywords. The right search keywords are relevant to your target audience’s interests, have a decent search volume, and, […]

Orian Tal   -   July 6th, 2022

How To Create A Media Kit [+ Press Kit Examples & Free Template]

Have you ever noticed how some brands are regularly covered by the leading digital and mainstream media companies? Their founders are interviewed by influential publications, their brand story is frequently quoted, and their logos and hi-res product images are everywhere. All of this doesn’t happen by accident. Among other factors, having a well-designed media kit […]

Nadav Dakner   -   June 26th, 2022

What Is A Content Matrix, Why Use It, And How To Create One

Do you know why most B2B companies struggle at content marketing? Because nearly 60% of them do not have a documented content marketing strategy. They think publishing random blog posts will get traffic, leads, and customers. That doesn’t happen, of course. The most successful content marketers carefully study their audiences and plan their content strategy […]